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“The Un-Obscure”

“The Un-Obscure”

Gregory Vernon Boulware
Posted Wednesday, January 21st 2009


Albeit, the prediction, the prophesized, the anticipated time has come to pass, I wonder how many will now clutch their handbags when I walk into an elevator; when I stand or sit beside them?

“Yes We Can” has changed to “Yes We Did” which has morphed into “Our Time Has Come!” “The Time Is Now!” Many Black (Persons of Color) personalities and leaders who were labeled as such, have said it in the past, “We Can’t Wait” have found the wait to be well worth it.


Less we forget, one must take pride in ones-self in order to gain the respect of others.

In light of the events that have, I think, brought pride, belief, and hope back into the life-line of the American Populace; I was reminded of some text that was shared among a few of my colleagues while studying at the Berean Institute. The author was unknown. I have attempted to locate this person who wrote a profound passage that has and shall remain engrained in my mind and I think in the minds of a few others as well. The following passage resonates with many men (and women) of color as well as the identification of the text therein:


They take my kindness for weakness

They take my silence for speechless

They consider my uniqueness strange

They call my language slang

They see my confidence as conceit

They see my mistakes as defeat

They consider my success accidental

They minimize my intelligence as “Potential”

My advancement is somehow unfair

Any praise is preferential treatment

To voice concern is discontentment

If I stand up for myself, I’m too defensive

If I don’t trust them, I’m too apprehensive

I’m deviant if I separate

My character is constantly under attack

Pride for my race makes me “TOO BLACK”

Other than the above I am treated like everyone else.

The research and identifying factors involved in the passage lead to the discovery of another powerfully articulated circulated statement:

“Being A Black Man In America”

They take my kindness for weakness.

They take my silence for speechless.

They see my confidence as conceit.

They consider my success accidental.

They minimize my intelligence to “potential”.

My advancement is somehow unfair.

Any praise is preferential treatment.

To voice concern is discontentment.

If I stand up for myself, I’m too defensive.

If I don’t trust; them, I’m too apprehensive.

I’m defiant if I separate.

I’m a fake if I assimilate.

Yet, I am often faced with hatred.

My character is constantly under attack.

Yet, I can be only me.


Who stands on the backs of my

Ancestor’s achievements,

With an erect spine pointing to the stars with


Which lets my Universe know

That; I not only possess the ability to play by the rules,

But I can make them as well!!

Many have witnessed the amazing event that has unfolded on January 20, 2009. Yes our time has come. How many will now pull up their pants and walk, talk, and act with respect? Will all now respect one another? Will our profound and promising direction make a change as well as an impression; an example for the entire world to see the truth of it? Will the overcoming of inhibition make a difference… a correction in the lives…in the minds of people? We shall see!

The Campaign, Election, and Inauguration of “PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA will resonate and set the stage for change around and on the “Planet Earth” forever!


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Posted Wednesday, January 21st 2009 at 12:09PM by: Gregory Boulware
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